Week One: Media Autobiography

My dose of media

By Maneek Rajasansi

Mass media is a relevant aspect in my life, especially growing up in the age of computers. I am on the internet at least three hours within a day; it is undeniably my favorite form of media. When I’m bored, I will unconsciously grab my phone and get on reddit. Recordings are my next favorite, if not top favorite with the internet. While scrolling through the reddit, I always have music playing. My whole life I have been a fan of dancing and music. My parents exposed me to a variety of genres while growing up and it has shaped who I am. Music has opened my mind and given me the spunk I have. Television and movies go hand in hand for me. I am a huge cartoon lover and love everything animated. Similar to music, cartoons are another piece of my character. Still today at twenty years old, every morning when I’m eating breakfast, I am watching cartoons in my pajamas. Currently, I am not listening to the radio too often; I have an auxiliary cable in my car, so I tend to play music I desire to hear at that point. When I was younger on car rides, I had OCD with the radio: I needed the station to be changed on commercials; I always wanted a song I liked to be playing, so I would search and search until I was satisfied with a song selection. Magazines, books and newspapers would come next. I don’t read as often as I should.I’ve self-diagnosis myself with dyslexia; I’ve never gone to the doctor’s for it but I know I have it . I assumed for a good chunk of my life that words looked wavy whenever anyone reads, so I figured it wasn’t a problem. In middle school, I realized not everyone had this problem. I should do more leisure reading, but I chose to be on the internet or listen to music. Only time I read is for school; however, I feel as though I have to try even harder than other and it’s not easy.

I’m majoring in advertising so I will be study the media for the rest of my life! I chose advertising because I enjoy little aspect like the packaging of a product and how so much thought is put into it for the customers. This is my last year at De Anza and I will hopefully be transferring to San Jose State after.


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