Mass Media: The gift and the curse

“Don’t believe everything your earlobe captures or what your eyes may see. For what you see or hear might not tell the whole story”. This is an ideology that goes hand and hand with the gift and curse that is mass media. I feel us being millienials we’ve had extensive use of all 8 of the entities of mass media we will be studying . Through the books we read I feel we may get the closest to the truths and facts we desire from mass media. From my experience books give you knowledge on subjects as well as is probably the least persuasive. I feel newspapers and magazines are one in the same being that are a dying breed. Before our time newspapers and magazines are one in the same being that they are a dying breed. Before our generation newspapers and magazines were the best and quickest ways to get news and information out and one of the ways to use propaganda and incite panic.  Through movies everything is brought to life for us to see. This is such a powerful tool because everything on the big screen tends to try and show you how good something was or is or how bad it maybe. I feel the shock value movies can incite can be dangerous because it could make you feel its the end all be all. What we need to realize its only entertainment and not complete truth. Recordings or music I think is the best way to hear a cultures or individuals views upon the world. Whether it be Bob Marley to John Lennon we should be able to hear those views and see where we may or may not stand in topics.  Radio to me was television before television people from my generation can’t really relate. I think it served a greater purpose before us because so many people were tuned in. The thing it did do was pave the way for television and internet. With television and the internet these are the scariest and most useful tools of mass media. Through television and the internet we can be manipulated into believing anything because that’s where we spend so much time. The commercials we see the TV shows we watch and social media we are constantly on can form and mold our minds in ways we dont even realize. The gift and curse of mass media is real and we have to use the gift the gift of knowledge it brings to form our own opinions and stay away from the curse which is conforming to generic or popular opinions with out forming your own.




One response to “Mass Media: The gift and the curse”

  1. lucaferrieri88 says :

    I feel like a lot of what you spoke of reflects how I feel about media. Especially, the feeling of being inundated to the point of excess when it comes to the messages we receive through the various media channels we all use.


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