Mass media’s influence over my childhood


Week 1: Media Autobiography

Mass media’s influence over my childhood

By Naing Win Aung

Hi, my name is Naing Win Aung (Nelson), and I am an international student in De Anza. I grew up in Burma, a country in South East Asia, where technology was not a part of the culture. When I was a kid, my family didn’t even have a television so we used radio to listen to news and music. I used to be really fascinated about radio and how it actually works so I secretly unscrewed the screws on the radio to see what’s inside of it. Unfortunately, I ended up destroying it and got into trouble. I even had my own personal radio that I used for listening to music.

When my family finally got a television with a cassette deck, I was so excited that I could not wait to watch the movie, Godzilla, that came along with it. I think I still remember some part of it. Later, we got more and more movie cassette tapes. However, when the CDs and DVDs were released, they were replaced with the cassette tapes.

I was not really into reading so books, newspapers and magazines did not really get my attention until now. So, it was not really a part of me and my childhood.

The Internet basically changed my life. It was like a stepping stone for me both socially and personally. It all happened when I moved to a new school for my high school education where I am required to have a laptop and an internet connection in order to do my school work. I did not like using it at first because I had a very few knowledge of it and most of the websites were blocked by the government. Fortunately, I was able to access to most of the websites and they really helped me out with my school work and my personal interests. After using the Internet I no longer use television or radio or any kind of media. I can read books, newspapers and magazines online. I can access to all of the mass media with the Internet. Now, I cannot live without the internet, I use it on a daily basis both for education and leisure.


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