Media and Me

Media plays a pivotal role in my daily activities and overall lifestyle. My day begins with a check to Facebook and a quick peek around the internet to get an idea of current trends and newsworthy stories; specifically, after updating a status and replying to a few messages I will seek out media outlets such as CNN or Fox News. This eventually leads me to check ESPN on television, because my day cannot start without knowing what is happening in the world of sports. As commercial breaks intervene with my sports I will glance at Good Morning America and CBS News to see if there are any stories I may have missed when glancing at the websites of Fox and CNN. I typically have talk radio on when driving which usually focus on the local sports teams, and don’t listen to a lot of recordings such as podcasts.

By comparison, in my adolescence internet and checking updates on phones or computers were not common activities (remember Dial-Up…). The use of the TV was much more frequent and instead of watching the news or sports I fixated on cartoons. My mom and dad from when my brother and I were young would only allow a very short amount of time allotted to watching TV, so we spent a lot of our free time outside.

Books and I have a strained relationship. While I do enjoy reading books (Harry Potter fan!) for pleasure, reading them for school always proved difficult. It was, and still is, hard for me to sit down and concentrate on reading a book when it’s for a class even though I have gotten better about it with age. I occasionally read newspapers but eventually get stuck playing the Sudoku or the Crossword Puzzles on the back pages. I’ve never been a reader of magazines unless I’m at the checkout line in a Safeway. I am not an avid movie watcher, though I do enjoy the occasional biopic or documentary.

I would like to be involved in media and mass communication in some way. When I first started school at San Jose State I intended to major in Public Relations. I did have a short internship in Public Relations and wrote product reviews and pitch letters for a little while, but I found it rather boring. I feel marketing or even sports journalism would suit me better.


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