Week 1: Media Autobiography

Influential Media

By: Humberto Aleman

Growing up video games, magazines, T.V. and the internet were some of the ways I was influenced by media. From the ages of 8 through 10 I would spend most of my time playing video games on the Nintendo 64, many of which were sports based. They influenced me into wanting to play some of those sports in the city leagues during the summer. Often times I would catch myself attempting some of the moves I would do on the video games. Music has always been a big part of my life and my parents subscription to Vibe Magazine was very influential for me because it helped me stay up to date with everything that is Hip-Hop. I was limited to the amount of T.V. time I had growing up but I noticed the way kids dressed on the the screen and it would make me buy the clothes they had on when I would go back to school shopping. When my parents purchased our first computer I quickly realized that the world was at my fingertips, anything and everything I wanted to know  was a couple of clicks away. The older I became the more dependent I became on using the internet for homework and to communicate with my friends and family. Although it was a great tool to help me with my homework I noticed I would use it to play video games on it more than I would to do my work. The use of media is everywhere on the internet and the way it is being used is both positive and negative. The media that appears online or through the T.V. has the power to reach millions of people across the world and the way it is used is very important but is often not recognized. I have always been media literate and make sure to not always believe what I see or hear when it comes to media. Many don’t realize it but it has the power to influence our society and shape the way we think or feel about certain topics. I personally don’t believe I will ever get a job in the media but then again i have changed my major four different times and will most likely change it another four. Only time will tell.


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