Week 1: Media Autobiography

Growing Up in a Media World

By Hope Weston

Considering that I grew from infant to adolescent to adult during the most rapid expanse of technology the world has seen, it’s not surprising that my relationship with media and technology is deeply intertwined in my daily habits. When I was younger, maybe six or seven, books, magazines and newspapers were some of my favorite things in the world! I was homeschooled by my mother, so many were used for my education as well as what I did in my spare time. I had kids and pre-teen magazines delivered monthly so I could keep up to date with science and nature discoveries, I brought home piles of books from the library every week! I read historical fiction, science-fiction and a LOT of fantasy! This was my first immersion into media – reading and learning people’s stories across time and space helped develop my imagination (and my love of things unknown)

Since then I have become deeply involved with television and the Internet. Television (Netlfix specfically) being one of the true happy things in my life. Television characters have a way of connecting to us that we don’t realize until the credits are rolling! We watch a lot of television, probably 2-3 hours each night! And then, of course, we come to the Internet. I’m a self-taught Social Media Marketer and I love every second of it! My connection to a Global Market does not get taken for granted! I started with ItWorks, a direct sales company, last year and learning to market using Social/Mass Media has been amazing!

As a communications major I understand and appreciate all forms of communication and media usage. While some may find the advantages and disadvantages to be even or tipped towards the negative, I believe that media is an incredible technology and, when used for good, an irreplaceable part of our society today.


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