Week 1- Media Autobiography

Media is everywhere

by Esau Carpenter


For the most part, I’ve always liked books. Once when I was a child i stayed up 5 am reading one of the Captain Underpants books- I finished it in one night. The only time when books and I started to stop seeing eye to eye was in high school. It’s hard to enjoy a book you got to write a two page summary on after every chapter, take a quiz on every week- a test at the end- and deal with an arduous in-class discussion where the teacher let’s you speak then gently explains to you why you’re not even close to being right. High school wasn’t education- it was purgatory. And now, class- welcome to Hell.

Newspapers I tried to read for a little while last quarter. I even got a NYT subscription and found I was doing more recycling than reading so I gave it up. Magazines I’ve never cared for. I like movies a lot, but the majority of movies coming out today suck major c***. Art has begun to evacuate Hollywood as we swap the word “film” for “movie.” But with that said you still have some great film makers out there. Music has always been an important part of my life. I  grew up in a racist household and hip hop was what made me realize: “hey, maybe blacks aren’t so bad.” I listen to radio on the way to school. There is a community-funded radio station that broadcasts out of Cupertino that sometimes plays old radio shows. T.V used to be a big part of life when I was I child but now it just bores me. The only time I watch T.V is when my sister Bre wants to hang out (which means watch T.V.) and I know I would feel bad saying “no.” I spend a good deal of time on the internet streaming music, wasting time on YouTube, fact-checking bullshit, etc. Social media is annoying and I don’t pay much attention to it.


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