Week 1: Media Autobiography

Week 1: Media Autobiography

Wallflower’s social media discovery

By: Anelisse Maciel


Books were one of my greatest escape and possibly the only type of media I had a say on. For television, magazine, radio, and internet I had very controlling parents looming over my shoulder. I even clearly remember when I was thirteen my Mom clicked off the news because I was, “too young and too innocent” to watch. Besides only watching cartoons, reading Tigerbeat, and listening to Radio Disney I never was exposed to anything impacting on my life.

Until I joined Facebook in eighth grade. Once being a girl who didn’t even know what a Twitter was in less than two short months I became a social media star with my small three followers also know as: my three best friends. My addiction to social media began. From Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube.  I connected with people across the world, now looking back, was actually a scary thing because I was practically talking to strangers. There was no “online safety.” Even now with cyber bullying threatening every turn no one  really hears the backfire of using the internet in the “wrong way.”

Being a late bloomer about the internet and social media I learned most about it when I joined Journalism in my Sophomore year of high school. Mostly about recording, news papers, news stations, making our newspaper public. From going to conventions and being exposed to tons of news reporters, to writing stories about an Officer who was shot due to gang violence, obituaries, and of course A&E fluff. I can definitely see where my interest in communication and PR came into play.

Hoping one day to be a Publicist the internet, magazines, and television will be vital for my success.  I can’t imagine a day without internet and books. But these two very separate objects seem to  be now molding into one. Which I am not the happiest about and I always will  stay true to my paper back books before “googling” an answer.



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