Week 1: Media Autobiography

Growing up, we didn’t have computers or cellphones in our house hold; we had a television for each room as well as telephones. I grew up reading a lot of books and news papers. My grandpa would read my brother and I the Sunday newspaper as a way to help us understand and speak English when we were younger. Another way I learned to speak English was through watching television–Sesame Street to be exact. The summer before kindergarten, I vaguely remember just sitting on the couch, consumed by the many different shows on PBS kids. As a teenager, I read a lot of magazines because at the time that was how you kept up to date with all the celebrity dramas. A lot of the teen magazines also included posters of cute pop singers and actors, which essentially ended up on my wall. I’m not too familiar with recordings. The one thing that I owned as a young child that did any recording would be my barbie karaoke radio; which I used to record myself singing using old cassette tapes. I listened to the radio a lot growing up, and still do to this day. I’m not as consumed in television today as I was when I was younger. I spend a lot of time on the internet, especially on my phone, where I browse through the many different social media apps that I use. I like how easy it is to connect with friends and family through the use of social media, though sometimes we can get overly distracted with social media that we are disconnected to those physically around us in present time. I am a communications major and I hope to transfer to San Jose State after my time here at De Anza.


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