Week 1 Media Autobiography – Blog 1

Media’s Impact On My Life

By David Bahk

Media without a doubt surrounds us in every shape or form. The eight most notable forms of media we see in our life: Books, Newspapers, Movies, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, Television, and even the Internet. I personally have been impacted by each and every one of these forms of media, and some media are more influential to me than other ones. The least influential forms of media for me are Newspaper as well as Magazines. Newspaper and magazines require I pay money for the service and that was the main barrier for me from entering these forms of media whereas the other ones are free for the most part. And since I am still relatively young forms of media that did not require reading was more to my taste when I was young, media like this would be Television, Recordings, and the Radio. When I was young I would always watch T.V as soon as I came home and watch CNN with my parents. Or whenever I was in the car going or coming from home I would listen to music on the Radio which is true even now. Forms of media I gravitate to are ones that are user-friendly and ones that do not require too much energy I need to invest. And the easiest one would be the internet, the main source of I rely on for media. Unlike books and magazines that require me to go find them, and each book and magazine are limited in the knowledge or subject it fills in. The internet does all function the other media does but concise it into one media platform making the life for people like me so much easier. The internet has million and millions of books, T.V shows, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, even the old Newspapers. The internet is all these other forms of media only now in once location or platform. That is why in my opinion the internet is the media that has not only the most information we can possibly consume as well as the fastest form of media we can consume!


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