Week 1: Media Autobiography – Blog 1

By: Isabel Paulet

The mass media of today’s world are an essential part of my everyday life, there is hardly a  moment where I am not immersed in at least one of the various forms of media.

Books: Growing up the idea of spending ones free time reading an endless amount of words on an endless amount of pages seemed almost a waste, unlike the time that could be spent playing outside. Over the years that mind set has become the exact opposite and books have become an essential part of my life. From skimming through school textbooks to absorb the information I need for an assignment, to reading the latest fictional novel everyones raving about I spend at least fourteen hours of my time immersed in books. Books are a versatile form of media, from academic text books that help one absorb new information for class, or novels that introduce new cultures, ideas, stories, to entertain.

Newspapers/Magazines: As a child I enjoyed Magazines for the “Is he your soulmate?” quizzes and the multitude of famous people adorning the covers. Newspapers were the highlight of my Sunday morning the comic book strips being a national treasure in my eyes. Today though I don’t subscribe to newspapers I still find them a useful source to update on local news, economics, business, sports, and politics.

Movies/Television: Going to the theaters, and watching television at home was largely a way for me to connect with my family. We always had a specified time of the day to sit and watch a movie or one of the many shows available on the television. It had a big part in developing my view of the world, people, cultures, social topics. In some ways it was a negative experience since I grew up in a time where a lot of the stereotypes and portrayals of these were inaccurate. Today I don’t spend a lot of time watching Television or movies, mostly because I no longer have the time to, but when I do it is mostly to catch up on the days news.

Recordings/Radio: The radio and recordings of any kind weren’t a big part of my childhood, sometimes I’d listen to music in the car whenever I travelled with family but it was never something I had interest in or need of until I got older. Now I listen to the radio for up to date traffic information on my commute to school, and music is an ever present back ground noise to all of my daily activities.

Internet: The Internet is by far the form of media I use the most with it’s versatility it is a useful tool for all aspects of my day to day. With all the forms of media I use the Internet is essentially all of these in one convenient place. It has been a constant way to be connected in every way since I was a kid. It makes reading books, doing research, looking up weather reports, news, and entertainment easier and faster to obtain.

As a writer and Journalism major I would like a career in media, since I hope to publish my own novels and create my own online News outlet. I would like to eventually transfer to San Jose State to continue my Bachelors degree in Journalism.


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