Week 1: Media Autobiography-Blog 1 The Media’s Influence is Bigger than We think By Celeste DiLullo


My experience with the media has been simplistic. Books, for example, used to be my haven. I have always liked the feel of pages running along my fingers, but many books are inconvenient. I was given an Amazon Kindle once I turned 15, but I did not use it. Now, I will read only the required class readings and a fiction book every two months.

My father red the newspapers, but I did not. Now, I only read the comics and an article or two on rare occasions. Similar to books, the paper feels good to hold, but is too easy to tear.

I’ve had little involvement with magazines. I used to read “People”, “Harvard Business Review”, and “Time”. I only read the “Harvard Business Review” and “Time” now, and it’s rare when I get free time to read at all.

Movies were a ritual and done every Friday with my family around the dinner table. After my father left, I stopped watching movies. When I do watch movies, it’s only going to movie theaters to watch the new releases.

I’ve done recordings and listened to recordings, but I hold no opinion of them. I think they are important, but only hold significance in certain situations (such as the police officer shootings).

I used to watch television with my family at. However, I only watch one or two shows on the television. Because television is too time consuming, I spend that time trying to get ready for my classes.

I use the Internet constantly since it’s so readily available to me. My sister was harassed on the Internet when we were younger, so I’ve limited my social media access on the Internet. I have both positive and negative Internet experiences in my life. I use the Internet every day.

I have been to eleven different countries outside of the United States. I have been to France, Singapore, Kenya, Peru, United Kingdom(2), Mexico (4), Bermuda, Ireland, Canada, and Spain. A lot of the media I have witnessed in these countries is minimal, but their media is shaped around their culture and lifestyle.


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