Week 1: Media Autobiography : How Mass Media Plays a Roll in My Life By Haley Cardamon

In mass media, we have so may options to choose from; books, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, internet, recordings, and movies. Out of the eight major sources of mass communication I mostly identify with the internet.

My generation grew up learning how the internet works, and it has continued to advance. I use the internet to learn the latest new events locally and around the world. I use the internet as a main source for information, whether it be in school r for personal curiosity. My favorite aspect the internet provides is social media. I consider myself a very social person, that is why I chose communication as my major. I love to share my life, ideas, and experiences with others. It such a great tool to connect with others. I would love to have a job as a social media manager in the future.

In regardes to the other mass media sources, I use recordings, radio, and newspapers the least. I think these sources of media are slowly dying in our fast pace, button-clicking society. We’ve grown to love instant gratification, which we easily achieve through media like the internet, television, and movies. Not to say that recordings, radio, and newspaper are not useful, they’re slowly being replaced with the internet.

Lastly, I use television, books, and movies moderately. I read about three to four book per quarter at De Anza, and at least one book per year in my personal time. I wish i read book for personal pleasure more often, but I feel that I do not have enough time. By the time i get off work or school, I’m too exhausted to read. I like to end my day with a little mindlessness by watching Netflix until I fall asleep. Watching TV or a movie helps my brain unwind from the long day.

Overall, mass media plays a very large role in my everyday life. I would not be able to function properly if i didn’t have access to all type of mass media.


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