Week 1: Media Autobiography. Media’s importance increases. By Dmitry Dolgopolov

Hello! My name is Dima. I am a student at De Anza majoring in Computer Science. However, regardless my major, I like things related to journalism as I am fond of sharing my experience, opinions and ideas.

As most of us, I have used different varieties of media. Let’s go over my experience with those types. I suppose I started with books. I adore reading them. I think it is very important to read the books because you get the experience of the previous generations from them. It helps you to build your personality and opinion on different aspects of life. As for the newspapers and magazines (I decided to combine these two types because they are too similar in my opinion), I did not like them so much. But I think that there are worthy ones. That’s just not my favorite way to consume the information. Also, watching movies is a pretty popular thing to do nowadays. My interest in the movies has changed through my life. To make the long story short, I used to watch different blockbusters with lots of effects. But right now I would prefer to watch a movie that makes sense and makes you think about something. For instance, one of my favorite movies is “The intouchables”. Besides, when I watch movies, I try to notice different techniques of filming unintentionally. (Also I do this while reading books) And it certainly helps me to create my content as I try to do it relying on the works that I liked. Talking about the recordings, actually I didn’t use them so much. My family was used to watch the TV or listen to the radio. So, this type of media kind of does not exist for me. I used to watch the TV a lot. But my radio experience was bounded only by the times I was listening to it in the car. Recently, the Internet replaced me television and now I rarely watch it.

All in all, I can say that the Internet is my most used type of media at the moment. But I used to watch the TV a lot in the past. I suppose most of people changed their priorities the same way I did.

As I am from Russia originally, I can say that the ways people use the media differ. For example, Russians don’t use radio as much as Americans do. Most of other things intersect.

To sum up, despite it seems that the media has reached its peak, I still believe that it will improve even more.


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