Week 1: Media Autobiography Open a Book is Return to Childhood By Cristina Melchior

My relationship with books began when I was a child, and it has been intense and passionate. In the last years, I have given myself the benefit of technology buying an iPhone, two iPads and a Kindle. Nevertheless, despite all attempts of replacement, I am still attached to paper book.

I own many books, not as much as I could have if I had held all books I bought or won during my life. Moving to California has been a detachment learning of my books. Most of them I gave away. A small part of them I left behind in my house in Brazil.

Buying and storing a book on Kindle is cheaper, faster, and takes up less room. But reading on Kindle still is less pleasurable. I grew up smelling the printed paper book. Open a book is more than just reading, it is return to childhood.

I do not want sound like a nostalgic old woman. I love technology and mass media. I watch WebTV, I listen WebRadio, and I watch movies at Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. I read the news at Al Jazeera and Reuters TV Apps. I also watch Brazilian news online, everyday. I read posts on Facebook account, I track my friend’s trips on Instagram, I read short news on Twitter, and I keep a profile on Linkedin. My friends in Brazil and me text through WhatsApp. If I need a recipe to make dinner I search my Pins at Pinterest. I even manage my family memories using Google Photos. In 2010, I was only able to earn my Master Degree because I remotely accessed libraries and contacted researchers from other countries, thanks to digital technology.

However, nothing is more pleasurable than, after a busy day, drinking a hot coffee while reading a paper book.


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