Week 1: Media Autobiography Reaching Mass Media Through The Internet by Khalil Bourgoub

In terms of media usage, I would say I am among most of my piers in terms of daily media intake. I would say that I am in touch with only a couple of the major eight mass media that we are studying in class. Personally, I use the internet or just about any media you can access on my computer the most. I find that my computer is my gateway to most of the news and media I receive on a daily basis, I use social media and consume most of my news from reading articles on newspaper websites for the most part. I also like to read books but not much more of the other forms of mass media such as a hard copy of a newspaper or magazine. When I do watch Television or watch Movies they are mostly accessed on my computer as well. I don’t really watch Television very avidly, which the exception of the occasional series recommended from friends. When it comes to Movies I probably watch about one or two movies in a month, which is more frequent than my Television intake. I do enjoy reading books and just recently joined a book club because I realized I wasn’t reading as much as I previously was. I look forward to my experience with that because it is hard for me to pick out books, so this club will make it easy for me to pick up more books to read. Also, I have cut out most of the radio that I used to listen to because of applications on my phone that make accessing all of the music I want to listen to easy, without having to listen to people talking in between songs, which is an experience I find to be more enjoyable. For the last couple of mass media platforms such as Newspapers and Movies, all I have to say is that I hardly ever pick up anything to do with those. In conclusion, I receive just about all the media on my computer or phone through the internet, with the exception of books.


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