Media Autobiography

Week 1- Media Autobiography

How Media Is Shown Throughout Time

By Philong Nguyen

My name is Philong Nguyen, I a first generation in my family as my parents were immigrants from vietnam. For me, each part of mass communication has it’s own aspects, it’s advantages and disadvantages. In the future, I am planning to transfer to San Diego State University for the Army ROTC program. I plan on commissioning in the army as an 015 or Aviator/Pilot. Finding this information was easy as I use the internet the most out of all these types of communication as it maintains every aspect of the others. I used to read books going through elementary and middle school, but that habit fell through when social media was growing during that time. Newspaper’s however were very interesting to me, for the comics section at least, but the headliners usually always caught attention, but I always saw the font as too small to read, and would go straight to the comics section. From when I was 8 to 14, I subscribed to Boy’s Life Magazine which was about boy scouts, and their adventures in one magazine a month. It had survival skills, and great articles about adventures that the boy scouts took on hiking during snowstorms, desert hot days and humid forest. The magazine had a lot to offer for tips on what to do if you were caught in that situation and being someone who wants to join the military, I found useful. But magazines in of itself, you can find pretty much every article online and with much more information from other sources. Watching movies is a fun pastime as I am a big fan of war/action movies and see all else as entertainment. To me, I see war films as a connection to those who have served during that time and I understand a little bit more of how they felt and it would be easier to connect to many veterans. Recordings or music has really impacted the life now for everyone, as it livens up any given situation and moment. Music has been changing over time and expresses the way the artist feel about something going on, some songs even raise awareness of an ongoing problem. To me, it is a form of expression that no one really knows, and how you interpret the meanings of the lyrics really brings out many different ideas to connect to other people with. Radio’s do just the same, as stations use music to entertain a mass majority of people listening and sometimes have topics for discussion where people could call in and give input. This brings people to share experiences, ideas and stories, good or bad to help everyone understand what is happening. Watching it on television also helps with news media, as it brings footage, and awareness to the people watching a better understanding of what is going on around them, and all over the world. It helps people connect, see the bigger picture, the main problem, and allows people to talk on the internet of their input to create ideas of how to help.


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