Week 2: Aspect of Media

By: Humberto Aleman

In this day and age many people in the modern society can go onto their mobile device and search about any information they want at any given time. The amount of media options that are available today are vast. Although the options may seem high, the amount of corporations who ultimately choose what is heard or seen is few in numbers. As media consumers I believe we have more choices to what we see or hear given the small number of corporations who own and oversee every aspect of their T.V. stations, radio networks and websites.

I believe the media is ultimately controlled by the media consumers. We choose the channels we want to watch, radio stations we want to listen to and magazines or newspapers we read. With the vast amount of information that is at our fingertips we can catch up on the latest news that happens everywhere around the world at any moment we choose. Some broadcast stations maybe more liberal or conservative but there are also those who are in the middle. The six major corporations who own the many smaller companies that broadcast media can choose what we see or hear but there are different sources and versions of news from which we could choose to consume from.

Media has influenced me a couple of times throughout my life and I didn’t realize it until many years later. I remember watching Toys R Us commercials growing up and always wanting what I saw on the screen. When watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would jump around the bed and do flips as if I was fighting the bad guys along with them. The older I became the more I became aware with news and its influences on me. After the September 11th attacks I watched FOX news and their coverage on that devastating day and listening to the news anchors and their guests speak about terrorism and terrorists in America. At such a young age they were able to influence me in not being comfortable around Middle Eastern people. I would avoid speaking to or coming into contact with anyone who fit the terrorist description in my head. This chapter has shown me that the choices of media consumption are high in numbers but the amount of corporations who choose what we consume is much smaller. I also learned that throughout my whole life media has shaped the way I think or feel about certain aspects of life. Knowing all of this new information I will be more aware of the type of media that I am consuming.


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