Week 2: Business Aspect of Media, How Much of the Media Does the Consumer Control

By Khalil Bourgoub

In 2016 we have more options when it comes to media than we have ever had in the past. Media is evolving and is a very lucrative field to invest in and businesses definitely caught on to that from the beginning of mass media. Modern media has so many different platforms that six major companies have formed monopolies over these platforms, such as: newspapers, magazines, television broadcasting, cable broadcasting, movie studios, internet services and a couple more. Even though these six major companies own all of these platforms for mass media I still do believe that us as consumers have more choices than we ever have had before in terms of media selection. These private companies have such a huge influence on our lives because of the amount of media intake the average person has on a daily basis but at the same time there is an interesting cross road where the consumer also has some control over what they chose which media to expose themselves to. With the consumers choices the big companies also have to cater to the majority of the population to maximize their profit on the media services they sell. Also another relevant point is also, even though there are monopolies on Internet services, the companies do not have control over what people do on the internet, so with huge social media platforms that can be accessed on the internet or on smartphones, these companies do not have control over the other forms of mass media that we people have access too. So in that sense, we have mass media choices that are also not part of the big six companies which is why we have more options now than we have ever had. My outlook on who controls mass media definitely has changed after reading the last chapter in our textbook because I now know how much of the media that I do not personally expose myself to is ran by such a small selection of people and now I can choose if I want to support such companies and have more of an understanding of what I am supporting by accessing certain forms of media.


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