Week 2: Business Media Impact

Week 2: Business Media Impact

What We See

By Philong Nguyen

Mass media, being a big part of the world today is not as big as we think. There are a lot of channels, a lot of news providers, and sources that we use everyday, but if we were to look into who owns them, it always leads back to one large provider. Many local small businesses are owned by larger businesses who look over all of the media that they distribute.

Today as consumers, we get most of out information from news media sources online and from television. We have more choices to what we want to see from the media as there are hundreds of distributors and options to filter out what we don’t want to see. Some companies such as Google could use information from our searches to find similar articles or news sources to show us on our feeds. Media is controlled by big companies who want to be noticed, seen and become a monopoly.

Businesses who work directly with media, do much more than find news for the average person. They own film companies, service providers, and local news stations to reach out to the average consumer. These companies control what they want to cover, and what they want to expose to the general public. With the freedom of the press, almost everything is allowed to be recorded, unless there are regulations under a private sector, then it shouldn’t be covered. But most else now a days is available to be covered by any news source.

Large companies that own media companies could have bias opinions when it comes to a problem that could cause a danger. It gives input from every perspective and brings together a consensus. From reading this chapter, I still don’t see the big monopolies controlling everything, but expanding to cover more of the world and helping the average person be more aware of everything that is out there. I have always seen media as news source not so much as movies, or books, but information of current events happening around me.


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