Week 2: Media Impact

The “Big Six” Impact on Media
By Haley Cardamon

Todays media is controlled by six large corporations; Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, New Corp, and Viacom. These corporations all own and control almost all the media we consume. We as media consumers must have a great understanding of media literacy to receive the most accurate information, based on what the “big six” deliver.

In todays world, decisions can easily be made by one common factor; money. Even if we are hearing information from sources not controlled by the “big six”, it could have still been persuaded by the corporations. In class, we discussed how oil scientists we’re paid by one of the corporations to lie about the dangers of the use of oil. Why can’t even trust what a highly certified scientist says.

The only media that I believe is not entirely influenced by the “big six” are social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The contents comprised on these platforms are mostly the the public feels, and understands the media. People use these social media platforms to share their views on issues, as well as educate others through their experiences and knowledge. For the most part, these platforms are lightly censored, meaning people can say and post whatever they please.

This chapter really opened my mind to the damage the “big six” has created. I didn’t even know the “big six” existed before readying this chapter. I feel like everything I hear or read on the news I should question, and use international new platforms to compare and make my best judgement for what is true. Most people in the United States probably do not know that these six corporations own and control what is put out in the media. I think it is important to educate everybody about these corporations so people can use their best judgment when listening to the news.


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