Week 2: Media Impact

Week 2: Media Impact

Donald Trump’s Blame

Anelisse Maciel

In the midst of a political showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton it is rather appropriate to see media’s impact on the conservative candidate.

The top thing media plays in is the election. It is also the top thing the candidates blame all of their problems on. Trump on more than one occasion blamed media that news reporters were only focusing on Clinton’s “good”  aspects and nothing else. Which most likely led to a decrease of Trump’s polls compared to Clinton’s.

Trump blames journalist, social media, news channels, radio stations, and more. With a political election what the media portrays of each candidate reflects on a voters choice. As well as the portrayal links into real life problems and idea of who is fit to run for president.

For a candidate it is also very important to get max news coverage. Like we have all seen Trump has not been getting the most forgiving spotlight (unless it is on a biased channel like Fox news). With his sexist, racist, and homophobic comments Trump receives negative backlash in real life. As in protestors, loosing endorsers (or Republicans to support his race), as well as loosing supporters.

Of course he does not take back what he said, instead he blames the media for false reports. That journalist misinterpret what Trump said and is doing this on purpose.Basically like Huffington  Post said that Donald Trump blames media for his controversies. Anything that happens that puts Trump in a bad light, he simply blames on others than himself.

Donald Trump blame on media



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