Week 2: Media Impact- Blog 2

Media Corruption On Its Viewers

David Bahk

Media in the U.S serves as one of the main ways its citizens obtains facts going around in the world. Sadly, media due to its corporation funding as well as its caster and owners bias tell non-factual information and many times does not even want to let the truth to be known.  When the media does not try to point out the truth and let people tell lies, the public viewers then start to actually believe in those lies.

Fox News is the perfect example of s supposed news station that does not tell its audience all of the facts and truth. For example, when the nation currently is going through an economic surplus because of the Obama administration Fox news tells the exact opposite. Fox news blames Obama for Isis, they blame Obama for the government going through recession even though it is not, they highlight their bias on Obama and paint him as a devil. So now all the viewers think our economy is about to head into a recession and think Obama is doing a horrid job running the government.

One person who just might be the most incompetent President we ever had got this far due to the media giving him so much attention. That person is Donald Trump. Most people blame media for the popularity and success of Donald Trump. Even during the primaries Donald Trump got over twenty times more media attention than any of his opponents. Whenever Donald says outrageous comments media all flock to him and give him millions of million of dollars worth of T.V time to all of America. Instead of giving fair press on all those in the Republican primary they gave him so much more attention now the American people barely know about any of the other Republican runner-ups other than Donald Trump. And the worst part is they do not, or rarely call him out when he says non-factual information. The media does not call out Donald on his lies because they are scared if they do he might not come on their network. So now not only is media feeding Americans Donalds lies, they are not even correcting those statements making them sound as if it is actually real! That is why Donald Trump is so successful despite being the phoniest and most unprepared individual to get into the White House better yet become the leader of the free world.



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