Week 2 Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Don’t generalize things without finding out the real cause

By Thomas Lin

On 7/6/16 the mobile app game Pokemon Go was launched in the U.S. and later on after the release of Pokemon Go a lot of bad things started happening, car accidents on the freeway when the drivers encountered Pokemon on the way, armed robbers using the app to lure the players to rob them in O’Fallon, Missouri http://gizmodo.com/armed-robbers-used-pokemon-go-to-find-9-victims-1783416898, and now a study shows that Pokemon Go really distracts the drivers  http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/pokemon-go-really-really-distracts-drivers-study-n649556 however, the real cause of all those car accidents and Pokemon Go players getting robbed in secluded areas by getting lured from the armed robbers is not the mobile game app’s fault but the players’ fault due to the lack of common sense. When somebody plays Pokemon Go, they need to answer those questions: why would you play Pokemon Go when you’re driving?, and why would you not be aware of your surroundings? I’ve heard people from the older generation that tells me to be careful when playing Pokemon Go because of all those bad things happened to the players, but I told him or her it’s not the mobile game app Pokemon Go’s fault that those bad things had happened to the players but the players’ fault for not being aware of their surroundings and not having any knowledge of common sense which resulted them negative consequences and at the same time brought the inconvenience to other people.


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