Week 2. Media Impact or Business.

by Dolgopolov Dmitry

Obviously, the media has increased its impact on the society greatly from the beginning of the XX century. But what is more interesting, it has changed the way businesses work. For example, did you know that about 90% of all the media around the world is distributed and controlled by only 6 companies? And, apparently, this situation isn’t likely to change. The effect is so big that the media can force people buy something or believe into something. And this is the road to promote the business. Because, as this can help your business, it can bury it as well.

So, now when companies are getting bigger and more powerful the society should be aware of the dangers that can come along. Especially, people should understand that if the “big 6” can control their own influence even by such simple method as letting the one article out or not, they should make out their own list of the sources of the “certified” information.

It is also a big problem for business… or is it? Let’s say that you have your own restaurant. You need people to know about it. And some kind of magazine releases the article that tells something bad about your restaurant. Of course people will read about it. But is it actually bad? Like if you launch an advertising company, the only thing you want it to do is that people knew about the object of distribution. And the magazine that told about your restaurant already did it. Moreover, it was for free. Obviously, you can say that it is a detractive article and it will hurt everything. But I will reply that it depends on the situation. If it is a known thing then such kind of “advertising” can hurt its status in most of cases. Otherwise, it can raise the popularity which is excellent for the owner.

All in all, do you still think that the big influence of the media is something terrible?


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