Blog 2: Business aspect of media. Melica Sapon

Although we are given a variety of media outlets I believe we as consumers have fewer choices since the media we are consuming are owned by a few corporations. We are being fed media of similar content, so looking at it in a broader sense, we don’t have as many choices as we think we do.

I believe the government controls the media. They have the power to regulate what content is being broadcasted so that we are provided with content that they want us to consume. An example of their influence would be the media coverage of Donald Trumps campaign; he gets the coverage that he doesn’t necessarily deserve which, I believe, is a big reason why he had gained so much support.

After reading the chapter I now know that many media outlets are controlled by only a few corporations. I had always assumed that the broadcasting network ABC had always been it’s own corporation, but it is actually owned by Disney, and Time Warner Cable is not even owned by Time Warner.


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