By Jarra Gojolo

Growing up, I read a lot of books, and those books all had an influence on how I grew up seeing the world.

The first book that was impactful to me was actually a set of Encyclopedias Britannica from 1983. My uncle gave them to my when I was 10 years old and it was full of interesting information so I read them all in my free time. What made them so interesting to read was the fact that encyclopedias are pure information, and I can read them cover to cover. The encyclopedias really expanded my knowledge and made me an overall smarter person.

The second book that had an impact on me is Shaq’s autobiography that released in 2012. I needed a new book to read, and his autobiography just recently came out, so I figured that’s the best way to get back into reading. I think it’s overall a good book because of how Shaq was not just a good basketball player, but how his life outside of basketball was so interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed his perspectives of the early 2000s Lakers who won the NBA championship 3 times in a row.×2246

The third book that had an impact on me was Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced”. I initially picked up the book because the steroid era of baseball was an interesting time in sports, but Canseco’s life story intrigues me to keep reading. The most interesting part was reading about Canseco’s mothers’s dying wish. I enjoyed the trash talk that Canseco directed at multiple players involved with performance-enhancing drugs.


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