Books- Karan Abrol

Week 3- Books and Magazines

My life with books

Karan Abrol

By the age of 12 I had read most books written for my age group under the sun. I couldn’t go more than a week without changing my entire perspective of the world because a book opened my eyes wider to the world.

The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke, was and still is my favourite book of all time. It described the city of Venice in a way that captivated me. I spent years dreaming of the city, and was not disappointed when my family took me there four years ago. I want to live there at some point- I’m actually in an Italian class now just because of the book. The characters were alive to me. They spoke about responsibility and being taken seriously. The thrill of risks and feeling safe. Attraction and romance versus everything else in life. Just thinking about the book as I write this makes me wistful. I first read it when I was nine or ten, but it never stopped resonating with me.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is a close second, and changed my perspective on everything. Adams uses the analogy of space and aliens to examine our society from an external perspective. His books are filled with short references and criticisms of our society- The idea of religion is given a slight poke as it is suggested that there is a race of people that believe the universe was “sneezed out of the nose of a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure”, and the Universe will end during the “Coming of the Great White Handkerchief”. Brilliant.

The Harry Potter series could not be exempt from my list, the same way it could not be exempt from anyone else’s. The books taught me about courage, good, evil, friendship, morality, love- J.K. Rowling shaped my childhood and what I assumed was the ideal world. It’s message still resonates with me. I’ll never forget finding the first book in a little school library i second grade, and camping outside a bookstore for the release of the seventh years later.


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