Week 2: 99 Problems but Media Outlets Aren’t One

By Maneek Rajasansi

The thing is I want to say we don’t have that many media options, but in reality, we really do. Even though only a few companies own the media outlets, we have more choices than ever before.

Media has grown in immense ways compared to a hundred years ago. In 2016, consumers have newspapers, magazines, television and, most important, the Internet! I feel as though with the popularization of the Internet, our choices of media outlets have double compared to other forms of mass media. Not only can we get information from our televisions, but we can also watch news video online, like on YouTube, about the same subjects as we would see on news channels. Also, there are lots of different perspectives¬†in media that are useful to help build one’s own opinion.

Everyone in the media business, including the audience, play their parts in controlling some aspect of the media; however, I believe the advertisers have the upper hand. The advertisers have the money; most of what networks make are through advertisements. People follow the money, so the advertisers run the media the most.


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