Week 2: Media Impact- Blog 2

By Isabel Paulet

When I think about times where media was made to be the culprit for something that happened in real life the example I think of the most is the correlation presented between video games (violent ones in particular) and crime. For as long as I can remember I’ve always heard that violent video games influence the players into being violent and detached which in turn leads to tragic events such as school shootings, homicide, and assaults. Video games are put at the center of such criminal actions taking the blame from the person who did it and making it seem like they were vulnerable and mentally unstable for which they shouldn’t be blamed. This has brought up many ill feelings toward these types of video games some people even going as far as wanting them banned/ stopped from being produced. Despite my own view of how much media can affect a person into thinking or doing something, I believe it is a matter of how you educate people to process any type of media correctly. Many of us know that what we see in a video game, movie, or music video isn’t reality; but a lot of us can base our view of the world and the people around us through what we see on the screen. Media can be good and bad, but you can’t blame black ops for a young man wanting to kill his parents.




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