Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Naing Win Aung

I would say that media can actually impact our daily life. It can influence the way you think and do at the same time. Sometimes, people take what they saw in the media for granted and think that the outcome would be the same as it is the media. However, that’s not true in our society.

Media can be very dangerous for its audience when it could possibly be telling the false facts and making us believe them. For example, News can be biased or even give false information depending on what the majority want to hear so they could be making up a story that can actually affect what people might do in real life. Movies, especially for kids, can sometimes affect his or her personalities making them vulnerable to being disrespectful to their parents or elderly people due to the media influences.

Therefore, I would not be surprised to hear when people blame media for problems that are happening in real life. However, it is not only the media that should take the blame. Even though media basically controls us, the audiences have their own choice whether to believe it or not.


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