Week 3: Books


The first series of books that truly captured my attention were the Captain Underpants books when I was a child. I once stayed up until 5 in the morning, determined and ultimately accomplished in reading one of these books front to back. I hold these books up to no real literary value, but for me they were important.

https://www.amazon.com/New-Captain-Underpants-Collection Books/dp/B011TPBTM2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1476558324&sr=8 2&keywords=captain+underpants

Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books of all time. What’s funny about this book about the burning of books is that I first received it as a gift and let my dog chew it apart before I ever picked it up.  Years later, I read through a different copy and couldn’t get over the irony of my pre-teen apathy.


I read Crime & Punishment last summer and this book held plenty of importance to my life at the time. I was homeless and traveling through Oregon and Washington and life got pretty hard from time to time. I never killed anybody like Raskolnikov, but I delved into petty thievery and even flipped some drugs a couple of times. One thing the book didn’t have to teach me is that what goes around comes around.



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