Week 3. Books or Magazines.

by Dmitry Dolgopolov.

The books and magazines were one of the most significant types of the media before the appearance of the television for the wide audience. But are the books or the magazines more important and have bigger influence?

To my opinion, you cannot have the definite answer. Both of these kinds of media played huge but different roles in our life. Though they are pretty similar and you can easily find the similarities (written text, sometimes images, etc.), there are even more differences. So, let’s focus on them.

It can be quite obvious that regardless of the pretty similar way to interpret the information, the targeting audience vary a lot. Books are easier to use if you want to share some ideas that should be thought out properly. It allows the reader to follow his own pace. On contrary, magazines are perfect for short and meaningful quotes, texts. That’s usually the reason why people buy those. Most of the magazines use this strategy. The texts are relatively short and the main words are highlighted so that the reader can just skim through the article. (of course there are some exceptions) Also, magazines use images more frequently than books do. It helps reader to be ready to the article before even a glance at it. Long story short, magazines use all the possible ways to save the time of reading for people.

Hence, can we say that any of these is more important? Of course no. They are just made for different kind of readers. I believe that both books and magazines will survive long after. Obviously they will adapt to the society’s needs. One can only hope they will use the opportunities thoughtfully and improve what they have right now.


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