Week 3 Books or Magazines

Week 3 Books or Magazines

Entertainment Through Paper

One of my first books that inspired me was the Killing Sea by Richard D. Lewis, as it opened up a broader spectrum of events going on around me. It was about a tsunami in 2004, a fictional story, but tells two tales, American Teenagers left on their own and a Teenage boy that lives in Sumtra, Indonesia. Two different stories, from two different mindsets had me thinking, what was everyone else around me thinking. The teenager that lived in Sumtra, was on a search for his father, while his hometown was flooded with deceased people everywhere, and everything his family worked for was gone. That feeling of losing everything really opened up my appreciation of how safe, and how privileged I was. On the other hand, the Americans, a family of 4, when the tsunami hit, their Sailboat capsized, and landed in a tree on a deserted island a couple miles off the coast, but the parents were killed in the event. The two teenagers, venture out to find help, and a way to get back home. I imagined myself in their shoes, thinking about trying to survive, if I was gonna live onto tomorrow. It made me more aware of what goes on around me, it helped me understand other points of views to come together a conclusion.

Another book that I really saw influential was 13 Hours : The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff. The story of American Contractors who were former military, and their actions whom were held off by the national government not allowing them to save americans. Reading this story, boiled my blood, as I can relate to those americans with boots on the ground not allowed to move in, when they weren’t that far to the Ambassadors compound. Hearing about Hillary Clinton running for President just hurt me, because there were a lot of instances that she restricted and partially caused the death of 4 americans. It held out a very realistic description as it showed that it was like watching a brother be tortured from inside a cage, and we couldn’t do anything. With the contractors being less than a mile away, the ambassador could have been easily been extracted into a safer area, with less casualties. This story really gave me hard feelings towards the higher ups in any situation, not seeing the full aspect compared to having boots on the ground. In any given situation, people don’t always see everything, there are different stories to it, anything can happen, but only one thing can happen.

These two books really had me thinking, we see a lot of things everyday, but we don’t acknowledge a lot of it as the information is see, processed, then forgotten. Sometimes those things we see, have to be very precise, if anything were to happen, and that information could be used to give more situational awareness to anyone that is responding to an emergency. I wanted to be someone, who solved problems, gather information, and help whoever needed to be helped. Being a leader, means you think about what’s not happening in front of you, but think about what happens in other people’s eyes, their experiences. In my train of thought, books are used to find tips, and tricks to being a leader, not much as entertainment. Anything can be learned from books, and the message from the author could be seen many different ways.


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