Week 3 Books Or Magazines- Blog 3

Books Influence On My Life

David Bahk

When I was young especially during Elementary to Middle School teachers would assign us library time to read and check out books. The genre that I found myself constantly immersing in was Adventure Fiction. The top three books that really impacted me to who I am now are “Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling, “Warriors” by Erin Hunter, and lastly “Island of The Blue Whales” by Scott O Dell.

“Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling taught me the power and importance of friendship. I was amazed at the bond between Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. They cried together, fought together, and even laughed together. I realized you do not have to do everything alone in life, and it is actually more fulfilling when done with others.

Warriors taught me the importance of practice and patience in order to obtain a goal. In the book, the outsider Firepaw raised by humans climbs himself in the ranks with wild forest cats through patience and practice. Firepaw taught me that I need to put in more time into skills if I want to really make it my own. I was inspired by my  hero Firepaw, a cat, to believe I too can do anything with steady practice and patience.

“Island of The Blue Whales” by Scott O Dell made me realize the importance of having those around us, and helped me appreciate the people around me more. Island of The Blue Whales tells a story about this female Native Indian all alone in solitude for many many “moons”. She became so lonely she started to befriend non-human entities. Her lonely experience made me realize that I am so cheerful and happy to wake up everyday because of my parents, friends, and teachers. The novel really helped me at a young age learn the importance of not taking those around you for granted.







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