Week 3: Books or Magazines “Never Too Late”

by Naing Win Aung

Recently, I have been reading and studying a few magazines. Most of them are unique and interesting to me as they offer many different things ranging from beauty and fashion to automobile and technology. Among all the magazine, I would love to make and publish a vacation or travel magazine. The reason for that is simple: it’s cost efficient and profitable from many different sources of advertisements.

First of all, the “cover” is by far the most important part of any magazines. Even though there is a quote saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, it’s not always the same for magazines. The cover of a magazine should always attract the readers. As for my case, I would like to have a collage of four different photographs consist of beautiful landscapes such as beaches. The name of the magazine would be as simple as “Never Too Late”. My travel magazine will feature many different geographical locations rather than a few places as it will offer the readers plenty of choices for their adventures or vacations. Besides, It will also be mainly targeted to families and people who are looking for adventures.

In term of financial cost, this will reduce the expenses by giving opportunities and promotions for amateur photographers who can submit the photographs to be featured in the magazine. The magazine will then include many landscape photographs shot by these photographers. Well, the main source of income from the magazine will come from the advertisements. As it is a travel magazine, there will be a lot of tour guides, hotel services, airlines, restaurants, and attractions.

The magazine will also be including local guides for different locations, sightseeing places, and the cultural differences that travelers should be aware of. The most important article that will be featuring in this magazine will be the interview of the photographers, and the difficulties that they face during the process and the adventure.


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