Week 3: Books that have Influenced Me

By Maneek Rajasansi

Three books that have had the most influence on me: I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style; Divergent Series; Animals Out of Paper.

I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style by Amanda Brooks

I read this book my junior year of high school because it was around the time I had started getting into fashion. I always admired how fashion was a simple outlet to expressing one’s personality without saying anything. I was in this weird transfix of not knowing how to further thrive my style without spending tons of money. A cousin of mine recommended this book, so I read it. I adored it. This book gave lots of example of different styles, fashion and clothes which would look best of different body types. I found myself most intrigued with the street style of clothing. I still refer to this book from time to time to help me plan an outfit if I’m going out.


The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I read this books when I took writing 211 at De Anza; I did not expect I would get addicted. The main character of the book is named Tris. She is a tough cookie. I felt that I related to her a lot. The character is a young adult who is very brave even though she is scared most of the time. Growing up, I grew up with a dysfunctional family; we’re fine now, but growing up it was chaotic. My mom is such a strong woman and always was. I felt like I needed to be tough and brave even though I was scared and cheerless quite a lot. Tris always acted brave throughout the whole series even when she went through events that were heartbreaking. She is also very moody yet kind hearted which is actually like me.


Animals Out of Paper by Rajiv Joseph

Even though this is a play, it is one of my favorite reads. I am a huge theatre geek! I cannot express my love theatre in words. Theatre has really shaped my character. I love it! This play is about a woman who does origami for living. She is creating a model for doctors to use a mesh material to help preserves patients’ hearts. She receives help from a high school teacher and his Indian, hip-hop loving student. The play tackles topics of the fragility of the human heart, and throws in brilliant metaphors that have stuck with me ever since. My favorite lesson is when they are making origami and teach that a single crease can permanently change the state of the relationship–so deep, I love it! I read this in a point in my life when I would act selfish and not be concerned how my actions would effect the end result of a situation or relationship. This piece of art helped bring awareness to my own harm.



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