Week 3: Magazines

My magazine in The Making
By Haley Cardamon

I am currently making a magazine about bay area art. I want to feature young, unknown photographers, artists, writers, and music producers.

My magazine is based in the bay area, and centered in San Jose. I want my magazine to be made by the help of all the contributing artists, whereas the editor controls most content in magazines.

The receiver of this magazine would be teenagers, and young adults that are interested in photography, art, music, fashion, and bay area culture. Hopefully the magazine will land in the right hands, giving an artist a job opportunity or other exposure.

Five advertisers to be included:
• Breezy Excursion – San Jose made clothing brand
• SoundCloud.com – Allows people to publish their music for free
• Instagram- Social media that shares videos and images
• Academy of Art Institute – A great school choice for students who want t peruse their talent and passions.
• Cookies- Bay area made clothing brand

I’d like to include articles about the bay area history. Mainly focusing on music and fashion; who they are, where they’re from, and how they made it big. In regards to photography I’d like to have articles with tips on how to improve their photography skills. And lastly, have articles featuring artists, discussing who they and describing their art style.

The cover of my magazine will be different every issue. The cover will have art whether it be photography, street art, music, or fashion. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a name for my magazine. I’m hoping that my contributors will help me make a memorable name.


One response to “Week 3: Magazines”

  1. betoaleman says :

    This is a magazine I think would definitely flourish and I would love to be apart of. The Bay Area needs a magazine like this to showcase the many talented artists and photographers who hardly ever get the recognition they deserve.

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