Week 3

While books are not the mainstay they once were, they are still able to take us on journeys and give our imagination the opportunity to run wild. Growing up I read a lot more than I do now. The journeys these books would take me on trumped anything I could watch on TV. During some difficult times, and times of personal growth, there are several books that I can think of that either came to my rescue or helped me grow as an individual.

The Harry Potter Series – I have to encompass them all together. This story helped me, in some ways, to feel a sense of individuality and helped me develop a stronger sense of self. Harry Potter, the main character, is an orphan put in to difficult circumstances. It details his growth and development in the face of any adversary or obstacle, which I took to heart in high school. It helped me grow in to a more confident person.

This other book I read, “Kill Them All”, isn’t as mean as the title sounds. The book details how to better play Poker. The overall message of the book, and why it’s aptly titled “Kill Them All” refers to a very aggressive strategy when playing Poker. It details how much more effective it is to put another player in a defensive position, rather than allowing your opponent to place you on defense. As with most sports, and poker is no different, being offensive works far better than being passive.

“Fahrenheit 451”, while I didn’t know it at the time, is a book that has stuck with me years after, and makes more sense as I get older. It taught me a lot about questioning information and being more diligent in my research. The book talks about how governments use their authority to control things the people of that society see. Much like today in learning about all the major conglomerates that control the majority of our media, the book taught me to think more critically.




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