Blog 3: Books or Magazine

By Melica Sapon

My sophomore year in high school I read To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. The book opened my eyes to become more cognizant of the people around me the same way Jem and Scout grew more aware of the racism around them when their father had to represent a black man for being accused of rape. The way Boo Bradley was depicted in the story as being mysterious, I initially assumed he would do something bad, though he ended up saving Jem and Scout’s lives. The book was thrilling and kept me on my toes, all the while teaching me a valuable lesson in always seeing the good in people, regardless of one’s appearance or how one is portrayed by others.

In middle school I read Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech and I recall feeling so much emotion when reading the book. It was probably one of the first books that had ever made me cry. It was a very touching book, and I empathized with her on her grandmothers death as I had lost my grandfather close to the time that I had read the book.

The Giver, which I also read in middle school was one of the few books that really stuck with me. The ending of the book, which did not really elaborate on whether or not Jonas and the baby survived, left me wanting to know more. I recall being angry with the lack of information given because I was really eager to know if they survived and was eager to know more about what had happened with his community.


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