Week 3 Magazine

By Anelisse Maciel

Name of magazine: Life Faults

Concept – The magazine reaches out to all young women that tell the truth about identity, sexuality, body image struggles, women health. This that young women would need to know. Has actual articles written by women going through issues that they wished someone told them about.

Readers – All ethnicities. Ages 18-25. Females/Gender fluid. All income.

Other magazines serving this demographic (your competition) – Cosmopolitan, Glamour. Those magazine focus on makeup and how to lose weight and what color compliments your skin tone. Life Faults focuses on the nitty gritty no one wants to talk about but someone should.

Five advertisers: Planned Parenthood, YWCA, local counseling, local universities that will be offering women empowerment lectures, Beyoncé, female political figures.

Five articles you might include in your premier issue:

  • “Women Belong in the House and the Senate.”
  • “10 Lies about Sex”
  • “How I knew I was a Girl: A story of Transition”
  • “Sexism and Racism with Everything in Between.”
  • “Birth Control: The Truth of the Pill”

Describe the cover of your premier issue: Earthy tones, neutrals, simplistic, clean.


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