Week 4: Audio Anelisse Maciel

Week 4: Audio

New and old classics

Anelisse Maciel

“Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

This song is very different than the majority of Lady Gaga’s typical music. This is one is my new and favorite piece to listen to because not only does it not involve heavy pop influence it is very acoustic which is something I very much enjoy. Lastly, the lyrics of the songs are not just wordless they have true meaning behind it and can be interpreted in various ways. Again a huge contrast to some of Lady Gaga’s older songs.

“Don’t You” by Simple Minds

Hopefully this counts as an Oldie song because this is my ultimate favorite song ever. This became my favorite after watching “The Breakfast Club” (also one of my favorite movies). The song also played a huge part in my senior year of high school and I still jam out to this song in my car on full blast. I first heard this song in my Psychology class where were to analyze the characters in the movie and since then it’s been a non stop replay.


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