Week 4 Newspaper or Audio

Week 4 Newspaper or Audio


By Philong Nguyen

Who am I? Philong Nguyen, what do you think when you hear that name? Well I bet you’ve never heard of it before, what does it mean to you, does it sound asian or part of some other ethnicity? Why does it matter you may ask, but it’s quite simple. We live in a society where each of us human beings see each other as different, think different, and don’t see who we really are.

As growing up, being asian wasn’t really much a minority living in San Jose. Growing up, I always heard about news coming from vietnamese radio channels and newspapers. I got to see a lot more of their thoughts compared to Americans in the english media. I always heard about men a lot more than women when it came to news articles. Most of the viewpoints of the stories I read are based from viewpoints of old vietnamese men whom have “been through a lot” throughout their life.

Compared to the average American article, the Vietnamese is very biased when it comes to story telling as they prefer a juicier story compared to one that makes sense. Most stories come daily from areas that seem unfit for the average American and are more “ghetto”. The stories that come from here have deemed to become jokes every so often. For example, “Hide yo kids hide yo wife (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzNhaLUT520),” or “Ain’t nobody got time for that (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGxwbhkDjZM)”. These are just a few of the viral captures of minorities and how they react in a specific situation. News definitely gets more interesting having people act differently on camera compared to the traditional news lady.

Some think may think about my opinions to be very conservative saying that not much has really been seen to change throughout time when it has. However there has been change, but most people still choose to not acknowledge it as we as people are just wondering about how to make our everyday lives better. With everyone following the same trends, especially from the news, having different ideas, faces, and actions on the news can bring everyone together.


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