Week 4 – Newspaper or Audio

Blog #4

By Hope Jonsson

It is hard to explain my feelings on the question provided. Should a source be cited as a woman or a minority even if it has no bearing on the subject or story? There is a part of my mind that most definitely wants to say yes! Because being a woman or a minority DOES change the story! It changes the privilege, the opportunity, the motive, etc. of the situation!

On the other hand, I believe in fact-based unbiased media and information – which technically means it should not matter who or where the source is from as long as it is a true account of the situation or real science-based facts.

So I suppose it entirely depends on the story or situation being presented. In terms of the quality of the news being presented, I personally believe that a human interest story is always better quality when told from the perspective of an everyday person.


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