Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

Everybody and Every Race Deserves to Be Heard

By Thomas Lin

I think the news outlets should identify a source where a female and a minority is included in the story, although, the story won’t be as popular compare to white males; however, I think that everybody and every race deserves to be heard because you will get different perspective and opinions on the topic of the story that the news outlet is covering. At the same time, the journalists could also learn something new like the different perspective and viewpoints, through the opinions of the females and the minorities because if you stick with the same perspective and viewpoints within your circle you wouldn’t know other people’s perspectives and viewpoints on a particular topic because not every people will have the same perspectives and viewpoints as yourself because the news is something is supposed to keep us informed what are the new current events that’s happening around us or happening outside the U.S. and what kind of viewpoints or perspective people has regarding to the new events or issues that’s going on around us or outside the U.S. I think learning new perspective and viewpoints is more important than the story in the news that’s bring more popularity and money for the news outlet.


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