Week 4: Newspapers-Blog 4

Quoting a Female or Minority Group

by Celeste DiLullo

I don’t believe news sources should claim if a source is female or a minority, especially if race/sex has no bearing whatsoever on the story. When we do quote a source as female or a minority, I feel that we eliminate relationships to other races and introduce isolation. If we introduce a source as a female or a minority, people could think, “Oh, I’m not part of this conversation. This doesn’t relate to me, so I don’t have to watch/listen.” It is easier to stay and understand subjects that we are comfortable with. However, by adding adjectives or titles to a source can affect the listeners watching.

Additionally, the word “female” can be considered an insult. It really depends on how the person uses the word “female”, but I’ve experienced more negative experiences with being associated by my gender. I’ve heard my fair shares of “You’re just a girl”, along with the implication that I wasn’t welcomed/wanted. So sometimes, it can be offensive to me to be seen as a “female”, and I have gone many years with wondering why I wasn’t born a boy instead, since many of my hobbies are man-oriented (Video games, Magic the Gathering, Sports). But, I digress.

However, having these minority and women sources can improve the quality of news. We may not be able to relate to everyone we see or hear on the news, but having a good representation within the news can change perspectives. I’m hopeful that one day, all minorities and genders, including transgender groups like LGBT, will get some positive light in the media. While I doubt that will ever come to light while I breathe, I can hope that we all have some human decency to not let a simple topic, like gender and minority, to be what stands between universal understanding and mutual respect.


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