Week 4. Newspapers or Audio.

by Dmitry Dolgopolov

We all know how strongly media affects us. And newspapers and audio play an important part in this world. But still you can see that they slowly fade out or transform into a different kind of media to adjust to the developing society. Let’s slightly investigate the overall history, the reasons and the consequences of the changing of people’s minds.

We can see newspapers everywhere. Though they don’t feel important as they exist transparently side by side with the other types of the media. In some European countries the newspapers just lie not far from or in the public transport. So some individual can just take it and read. That’s how it works in London, for example. However, as the world comes to the Internet era, most of the newspapers moved partly or completely to online (as Atlantic did, for instance). This is more comfortable for people as they always have the access to the newspaper or the article they want to read. Also, it saves money and time for printing and distributing. So, there are some advantages. But how do you get the revenue? They had to adjust to the new form of the newspapers and started using the visual advertisements.

As for the audio, it has moved, too. Most of people today listen to their music online using Spotify or Itunes or Google Music. Fortunately, it didn’t change the format. They just changed the storage and had been just improving the quality. Most of the radio stations have their websites where you can listen to it.

But if the newspapers became totally transparent, listening to the music of all kinds became the thing that you do while doing something else. That’s the way it has adapted to the modern way of life.

Overall, as we see, all of the kinds of media eventually adapt to the society to survive. They try to improve its quality saving the advantages and removing the disadvantages. As for me, I think it leads to the perfect media.


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