Week 4: Watching the Radio

by Cristina Melchior

The Golden Age of Radio is over. First, the Television displaced radio as the dominant broadcasting medium. The voices from the radio as family entertainment were replaced by the animated images from TV. Moreover, the radio began to face competition from the radio itself. FM radios have gradually replaced AM as the dominant radio band because of the higher fidelity quality. Every day, the technology has changed and new alternatives of the broadcasting medium have emerged but remained the conception of radio as a social institution used as a popular mass medium.

Since the WalkMan, more and more the act of listening news and listening music has become more and more personalized. Instead of waiting for listening to the favorite news radio program, you can download the APP of the radio station or even the APP of the favorite program itself.

If you want to listen to the news during the rush time there are more than the choice of turning on the radio. The internet allows not only listen but also watch the news through the APP of the favorite radio station, or watch the news at the APP from TV or opt for an alternative channel as Reuters. All alternatives accessible from the cell phone.

If you are interested in national news you can access some of the available public channels such as CNN or BBC. But if you are interested in international news your choice is access some overseas channel. I listen to the news from my home country (Brazil) by accessing my favorite radio app from my iPad.

It doesn’t matter the technology used to deliver, what really keeps the audience is the quality of content. By improving the technology, the radio can remain not only alive but also vibrant.


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