Week 4: News Sources

By Luca Ferrieri

Reporting the news remains an important facet of our culture and society. It provides people curious with the opportunity to learn about an important issue whether a local, national or international one. Staying informed is important, and being able to find fair, accurate, and responsible news sources continues to be more difficult.

On the subject of news sources, part of the Freedom of the Press act gives investigative journalists the ability to keep their sources anonymous. For some, it’s important to remain anonymous for if they are a whistleblower it could be met with extreme consequences. (Even though we have whistleblower protection laws it does not always mean people aren’t putting themselves in danger. Think of Edward Snowden and his constant fear for his safety.)

When reporting news, sources can make or break a story. There is an argument that ethnicity and gender that both should be reported even when the story is not related to either race or gender. While I can certainly understand the reason behind putting a gender or ethnicity to the source/quote in a news story, I don’t agree that it should happen unless the story pertains to either of those circumstances. I feel by adding race and gender to a story that does not really have any ties of that nature to the story, it devalues the story. We want people to have the ability to view a story with just the facts and keep bias out of it. By adding unnecessary information it could skew the perception of the story to some of the readers/viewers.


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