Week 5: Movie

By Maneek Rajasansi

My favorite movie of 2016 is Zootopia. I adore animation films and always will. Zootopia is a great movie because the story line is appropriate for both young kids and adults. I love how the whole movie is about stereotypes, and how they are untrue and how people beat them everyday. The movie is so simple yet elegant.


My all time favorite movie has to be The Empire Strikes Back. This is the best movie out of all of the Star Wars movies. First, the Sith kick ass in this movie and show who’s boss. Yoda first appears and trains Luke. This movie is better than the prequels, for it is purely about the force and not about “midichlorians” and other nonsense.


I first watched Zootopia on DVD, and I first watched The Empire Strikes Back on VHS.


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